Re: Where did all the air vents go?

From: (Sanjiv Kapoor)
Organization: University of Pennsylvania
Date:         22 Sep 95 00:18:32 
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Steve Lacker ( wrote:
: Martin Fiddler <> wrote:
: >
: >When I fly on  older aircraft, there is invariably an individual air vent
: >for each passenger.  These supply a welcoming blast of cool air, but
: >if not wanted they can obviously be turned off.  Great.
: >
: >The more modern aircraft I've been on, including B747-400, B757-200,
: >A320, etc, do not have these.   This seems a reall pity, as I find they
: >provide much greater comfort and control of ones own envioronment.


I have flown 747-400s on Thai, Singapore, Cathay, Air China, and Air
India, as well as A330s on Cathay and Dragonair, in the last couple of
months.  The only airline that still had these air-vents was Air-India,
much to my surprise (because they are not normally known for their
attention to in-flight amenities).  I, too, find the option to do away
with air-vents one of the distressing aspects of the newer airplanes! :-(