Re: Strange noise on a 767

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Date:         22 Sep 95 00:18:31 
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David Schaefer <> wrote:
>The thread on engine noises reminded me of a flight I took several years
>ago...SFO to STL on a 767 (model unknown).  During boarding, I hear a
>strange, loud motor noise start/stop several times.
>The sound returned as the plane circled over STL and continued until
>landing.  I've often wondered what it might be, and haven't heard it on
>any other flight.  It seemed to emanate from below the wing....

David, I work for an airline as an Avionics tech. The noises
you heard were more than likely the electric hyd. pumps or the
flap/slat motors running. About the only time you here them is
on takeoff and landings. But you may here them on the ground if
the flight crew or the mechanics are checking them for some
reason. If you get concerned the next time you fly just ask the
flight attendant,they may be able to tell you or just look out
the window and see if the leading edges or trailing edges are
moving. There is alot more noise than movement so look quick.
Hope this helps.......