Re: AA 777 into Gatwick (UK)?

From:         Ralph Phillips <>
Date:         22 Sep 95 00:18:31 
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>>I can't be sure because the sun glare angle was all wrong for me but
>>a large twin looking very like a 777 came into Gatwick airport this
>>morning at about 11am (Wed 13-Sep-1995). I'm pretty sure it was
>>American Airlines, certainly a very large wide body twinjet.


>My guesses, in decreasing order of probability:
>    AA 767 if you feel more strongly it was AA than a 777
>    BA 777 on a test flight
>    UA 777 diverted from LHR

The 777 that went into Gatwick on the 13th was in Boeing colours,
and was there to give demo flights for MD's, chief pilots, etc.,
and doing the general PR bit.

However, when I set of for Rimini this morning (20th), a UA 777 (or
possibly a 767, I wasn't very close) was parked in the maintenance
area on the north side - I know not why.

Ralph Phillips