Re: A positive aspect of the DC-10? (fwd)

From: ("Niels M. Sampath")
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Date:         08 Feb 95 01:21:19 
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>>P.S. St. Thomas, V.A. has a much shorter runway and they used to take
>>707s as well has DC10s and L1011s (still do)

>Sure, but from St. Thomas you're probably talking (relatively) short
>flights in such planes, to cities on the east coast of the US or the
>like.  Maui to San Francisco is a *long* flight, which means more
>fuel, which means more weight, which means a longer runway is needed.

Having lived on St. Thomas,
	I have not heard of 707 service to STT. I think it was 727s/
DC-9s  right up until the runway extension/realignment  by which time 
the `new generation' had already replaced 707s on sched. service.     
But I remember 727s landing on the unextended old 4600 foot runway 
there in the `60s (with a big hill at the end)..
They could then only take-off, unrefueled (I wonder if they had fuel 
-removed-?) for nearby St. Croix which is what? ~20 miles away?