Re: AA 777 into Gatwick (UK)?

From: (Stephen L Nicoud)
Date:         22 Sep 95 00:18:31 
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> >I can't be sure because the sun glare angle was all wrong for me but
> >a large twin looking very like a 777 came into Gatwick airport this
> >morning at about 11am (Wed 13-Sep-1995). I'm pretty sure it was
> >American Airlines, certainly a very large wide body twinjet.
> My guesses, in decreasing order of probability:
>     AA 767 if you feel more strongly it was AA than a 777
>     BA 777 on a test flight
>     UA 777 diverted from LHR

I believe the aircraft you saw was WA001, the first Boeing 777.  It was
visiting Gatwick around that date on a European marketing campaign.  See
appended Boeing public news release on the trip.

WA001 is in Boeing livery (white over blue with red, white and blue
stripes and a big 777 on the tail; look at for a graphic).

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Public News Release


Boeing 777 Visits Europe on Demonstration Tour

SEATTLE, Sept. 4, 1995 -- The first Boeing 777, designated WA001, will
depart Seattle on Sept. 6 for an eight-day tour of Europe.

During the tour, the airplane will travel 21,722 kilometers (13,500
statute miles/11,729 nautical miles) and visit six different cities:
Geneva, Switzerland; Warsaw, Poland; Vienna, Austria; Gatwick Airport
outside London, England; and Frankfurt, Germany before returning to
Seattle on Sept. 13.

The European tour provides an opportunity to preview the newest Boeing
jetliner to airline customers, government officials, aviation industry
experts and the news media. It will provide an opportunity to satisfy
European interest in the new airplane, which can fly faster and farther
with lower operating cost than any of its competitors, while providing
an all-new standard of passenger comfort.

"You can't believe the magnificence of this airplane until you see and
touch it," said Tom Basacchi, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group vice
president, international sales for Europe and Russia. "Much of the
credit for the 777 goes to our customers, who have been involved from
the very beginning in developing the airplane's size, range and

Despite a downturn in the airline industry, the 777 has captured more
than 70 percent of all orders in its market category since its launch in
October 1990. Sixteen customers on four continents have placed orders
for 167 of the new 777s.

"The 777," Basacchi explained, "not only has the range, seating capacity
and technologies the airlines want, but it offers them operating costs
that are about 9 percent below the competition. It also has an interior
that can be reconfigured in hours rather than weeks and provides
passengers a spacious, open cabin, with more head room, the widest
interior in its class, the widest economy seat to go into service and
the most advanced in- flight entertainment and business capabilities

During the course of the tour, the airplane will establish speed records
on its departure, Seattle to Geneva and return, Frankfurt to Seattle. It
returns to Seattle on Sept. 13.