Re: AA 777 into Gatwick (UK)?

From:         "Niels M. Sampath" <>
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Date:         22 Sep 95 00:18:30 
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In article <airliners.1995.1483@ohare.Chicago.COM>

> I can't be sure because the sun glare angle was all wrong for me but
> a large twin looking very like a 777 came into Gatwick airport this
> morning at about 11am (Wed 13-Sep-1995). I'm pretty sure it was
> American Airlines, certainly a very large wide body twinjet. The
> clincher would be the 6 wheeled mains which I pretty sure I saw -
> though I only got a glimpse.

You wouldn't be the first to be fooled after seeing, in fact,
a 767-300.  I blew 1/2 a roll of film in May at LHR before I realized
I was looking at a UAL 7-SIX-7.

Yours in humble-pie