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From:         Shahab Hasan <>
Organization: NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA
Date:         18 Sep 95 12:06:59 
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The Systems Analysis Branch of NASA Ames Research Center would
like to announce the release of BAD-Web.  BAD-Web (Basic Aircraft
Design Web) is a World Wide Web site where you can design your
own airliner by entering various aircraft parameters and then
see the results of your choices.  You will get back a picture of
your airplane as well as weight, aerodynamics, and performance
estimates and a calculated ticket price for a trip from SFO to JFK.
Give it a try; if your ticket price is cheap enough you'll make our
Hall of Fame!

Mild Disclaimer:
We offer the BAD-Web for educational and informational purposes only
to give some insight into the tradeoffs involved in aircraft design.
The analyses have been greatly simplified and several assumptions
have been made to ensure rapid turn-around time.  Trying to design
and build an actual airplane using BAD-Web would not be very smart
and certainly fruitless.

Many more details are available at the site itself:

Shahab Hasan, member of the BAD-Web development team

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