Re: AA 777 into Gatwick (UK)?

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Date:         18 Sep 95 12:06:55 
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>I can't be sure because the sun glare angle was all wrong for me but
>a large twin looking very like a 777 came into Gatwick airport this
>morning at about 11am (Wed 13-Sep-1995). I'm pretty sure it was
>American Airlines, certainly a very large wide body twinjet.

I believe United is still the only airline which has the 777, and UA
doesn't fly into Gatwick, unless a flight diverted from Heathrow for
some reason.  BA gets their first 777 this Thursday assuming everything
stays on schedule.  One of the other customers with Pratt and Whitney
engines *might* have already gotten one or two, but it would have been
one of the Asian customers.

It could be a test aircraft, of course, though not American, as AA has
not ordered the 777.  The 777 that performed the 1000-flight ETOPS test
for the 777/PW4084 combo was in normal UA colors and mostly flew a
circuit (including IAD, MIA, DEN, LAX) that was typical of the rotation
a UA 777 in normal service might operate.  A similar test is being done
with the 777/GE90 combo, in BA colors.  It's quite plausible that it
might have been operating into Gatwick -- more likely there than LHR
with its slot restrictions.

My guesses, in decreasing order of probability:

    AA 767 if you feel more strongly it was AA than a 777
    BA 777 on a test flight
    UA 777 diverted from LHR

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