Re: Sabena goes for Avro RJs, rather than Fokkers

From: (Ken Lewis)
Organization: University of Sussex
Date:         18 Sep 95 12:06:54 
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Charlie 98 ( wrote:
: Acquisition decisions aren't made soley on the merits of the aircraft.  I
: understand that the manufacturer is offering some astounding financing on
: the aircraft.  They are also making some incredible guarantees with
: respect operating costs and performance.  Time will tell if the aircraft
: is as good as its builder says.  I strongly suspect we'll see some red
: faces over the the next few years.

I would be very surprised if airlines were not fully aware of the
strengths and weaknesses of the Avro RJ.  After all its been around and
developed over a number of years. of course there are discounts etc but
in the end the airline will be using the plane for a number of years and
it cant afford to have a suspect plane.

Ken Lewis