Re: Where did all the air vents go?

From: (Brian A. Reynolds)
Organization: Rockwell Avionics - Collins, Cedar Rapids, IA
Date:         18 Sep 95 12:06:52 
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<> writes:
>> [ wondering why gasper outlets are disappearing from modern aircraft ]
>>So, why don't modern aircraft have individual air vents any more?

>It is because it is now a purchaser option, and the purchasing airline
>declined tou buy it.

Those little eye-ball 'thingies' are called gaspers and are actually very
expensive.  Each is individually ducted, adding weight to the aircraft,
manufacturing costs, and generally increasing the life-cycle cost of
the aircraft.  In addition, they really limit the flexibility for changing
the interior configuration.  How many times have you been on an aircraft
and had the overhead panel 'not quite right'?

This lead to the the concept of routing air to the cabin through a fixed
series of vents in the overhead panels.  Less duct work (and that ducting is
made from a titanium alloy by the way to save weight), greater flexibility
for moving seat groups closer together (NorthWest:( or farther apart (TWA :),
and less maintenance (the self loading cargo can't break what they can't

Having said all of that, and knowing why it's done, I still don't like it.
They have taken away the only piece of the airplane that I could control,
and now what do I do when the overly perfumed lady sits down next to me as
I fly off to Amsterdam?