Re: Emergency exits capacity

From: (Jonathan N. Deitch)
Organization: Georgia State University
Date:         18 Sep 95 12:06:50 
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  or MIME structure (Jean-Francois Mezei) writes:

>Is the "must be able to empty plane in 90 seconds" a real requirement or just
>urban legend ?

When a ValuJet DC-9 caught fire here in Atlanta, they emptied the plane
(which was full) in just about 90 seconds.  The head flight attendant
was the last one out and she had burns on the back of her legs.

Realize, the fire started in the back, she was standing in the front
door -- the fire travelled from the back to the front that quickly ...

I believe it ... it made for impressive video on the news -- the local
ABC affiliate has a motorized camera on the roof of the Hartsfield (ATL)
control tower ...

- Jonathan