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Date:         12 Sep 95 20:18:56 
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>|>When it gets to 95 degrees F, the A320 packs start failing excessively,
>|>and the engines spike over-temp.

>And wasn't the excellent hot and high performance of the 320 a major
>reason for United and America West to buy it supporting their Denver
>resp. Phoenix operations?

It sounds like Ralph was focusing mostly on air conditioning.  The hot-
and-high performance of the A320 that was attractive to United (and AW
 if you say so, though I've never heard much about why they bought the
A320) refers to takeoff performance, which could be stunning even
though lousy a/c results in passengers stunned from heatstroke.

Hot-and-high performance is a part of "understanding hot weather" of
course, if only a piece of the picture.

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