Re: Dornier 328

From: (Peter Herrmann)
Organization: University of Dortmund
Date:         12 Sep 95 20:18:56 
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In article <airliners.1995.1441@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
(Ralph Ricks ) writes:
|>>Warren <> wrote:
|>>>Horizon Air, which was the fisrt operator of the Dornier 328 has had alot
|>>>of problems with the performance of this aircraft, for example they are
|>>>not able to fly in temp. over 85 degrees ...
|>Why am I not surprised?  The Europeans do not understand hot weather.
|>One of the biggest problems with the FOkker 100 is air conditioning
|>packs that are too small for the plane in hot climates.
|>When it gets to 95 degrees F, the A320 packs start failing excessively,
|>and the engines spike over-temp.

Ralph, this is a bold claim! I don't know about the hot and high
performance of the F100. But the A320 is used by Tunis Air, Egypt Air,
Kuwait Airways, Gulf Air, SAA, Indian Airlines, Air Lanka, Dragon Air,
Ansett, Mexicana and a carrier of Costa Rica (SACSA (?)). Those planes
have to operate in areas with temperatures nearly always exceeding 95
degrees F. And wasn't the excellent hot and high performance of the 320
a major reason for United and America West to buy it supporting their
Denver resp. Phoenix operations?

Peter Herrmann, Dipl.Inf.
Dept.of.Comp.Science IV   Subj.: Distr. Systems / Comp. Networks
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