Re: exit door latch

From:         Andrew Goldfinger <>
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Date:         12 Sep 95 20:18:54 
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In article <airliners.1995.1439@ohare.Chicago.COM> Nicolas Ercan Murat,
vis@amy29.Stanford.EDU writes:
>This was proven when an evacuation slide on an PIA A310 decided to
>inflate during flight ...

>The end of the story was that an on-board mechanic ran back and gave
>a big stab with his screwdriver and punctured the slide.

What gas is used to inflate the slides?  If it is CO2, was it safe to
puncture the slide and release the gas into the cabin?  (This question
arose in my mind since I am now reading "Lost Moon" by Lovell about Apollo
13, and they had a problem with a life vest inflating.  They were very
careful to vent the CO2 into space rather than release it into the cabin).