Re: ATR Falls on Tail (almost) (Was Prop Brake)

Organization: UTRC
Date:         12 Sep 95 02:44:30 
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>Last time I flew on an ATR (a 72) the flight crew took us off the
>plane from the front back.  5 rows then 5 more rows then 5 more rows
>until we got to the back.  The reason they gave was that the ATR 72 is
>tail heavy and might do a tail stand if there a bunch of passengers in
>the back and baggage empty in front.

  Rethink your statement.  Unloaded from the front first to avoid a tail-
  heavy situation?  Am I missing something?

  Maybe that's why the pax door is in the rear.  So the rear seats are
  unloaded first.   However, this still doesn't work becuase as the plane
  empties, the folks that were in the front are all standing in the rear
  (in line to exit).