Re: Aircraft Maneuvers

From:         Jennings Heilig <>
Date:         11 Sep 95 21:27:29 
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During the Gulf War a KC-135E tanker got tangled in the wake turbulence
of the aircraft 3 miles ahead of it and rolled (not Dutch roll - the real
thing).  In the process, they lost both the left hand engines.  They
literally fell off the airplane.  The airplane was landed safely (after
much puckering, wailing, and gnashing of teeth) shortly afterward, and
the repaired airplane is currently in service at Selfridge ANGB, Michigan
with the AFRES squadron there.

This was in Reader's Digest (so it must be true...), and I've spoken with
the pilot of the aircraft who told me the whole story...amazing airplanes
they build in Seattle...

Jennings Heilig