Re: Aircraft Maneuvers

From: (Richard Isakson)
Organization: The Whidbey
Date:         11 Sep 95 21:27:29 
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In sci.aeronautics.airliners Don Stokes <> said:
> writes:
>>There was a rumour many years ago that a Lufthansa crew had barrel rolled
>>a B707 during training, and having got the roll wrong, managed to lose,
>>and I mean lose two engines on one wing.  They literally came off the

>Is this a confusion with Dutch roll?

Actually, it was a flight test maneuver known as a rudder doublet.  It's a
test of an airplanes lateral stability where the pilot first pushes one
rudder all the way down then switches and does the same thing with the
other.  The rudder is then released and the crew sees what the airplane
will do.  In this case, it was a demo flight over Mount Rainier and the
airline crew was flying the plane.  Apparently this was a normal test with
that airline but they didn't have a lot of experience with jet airliners.
So who did?  The maneuver threw off the outboard engines and the airplane
wasn't able to maintain altitude.  They crashed near Tacoma.
Rich (