Biggest Jumbo?

From: (Kit Linder)
Organization: Sun Microsystems Inc.
Date:         06 Feb 95 02:45:22 
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A friend and I were having a discussion about jumbo jets this morning.  I
stated that, to the best of my knowledge, the 747 is the largest commercial
airliner in the world.  He opined that the largest was either the DC-10 or
the L-1011.  After a polite skirmish, we decided to put the question to the
experts -- the folks on r.a.a.

Because "biggest" is a subjective term, we agreed to average the largest of
the following parameters:

1. Wingspan   2. Length   3. Max TOW   4. Number of passengers

Any other useful criteria volunteered will be included in our determination
and I will post a summary of our results.  I sure hope I'm right on this;
I've got a breakfast riding on it!

As typical work duties preclude reading this group with any regularity, I'd
appreciate replies sent directly to my e-mail address below.  Many thanks!

Kit Linder  +  +  Sun Microsystems, Milpitas, CA