Re: Did the Chinese ever attempt to copy the 707?

From:         "Bryan H. Lang" <>
Organization: California State University, Chico
Date:         11 Sep 95 21:27:29 
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On 10 Sep 1995, Steven Grunblatt wrote:

> I recall reading somewhere that in the 1970s the Chinese government
> purchased 2 Boeing 707s. After delivery,Boeing lost track of the
> aircraft's whereabouts. It was speculated that the aircraft were
> dismantled, and unsuccessfully copied.
> Can anyone elaborate?

If memory serves, the story went more or less as follows. In the mid-70s,
China bought 10 707-320s from Boeing, along with 40 "spare" engines.
Boeing allegedly realized that this was far more spare engines than
necessary, but didn't want to jeopardize a potentially huge marketplace
(history notes that they judged correctly).

China then created the Y-10, a 707 clone, and equipped it with the spare
engines. They were not quite the success that China had hoped for. I
recall some photos - seemed to have larger cockpit windows but retained
the 707 planform. Don't recall how many were ever produced.

Just skiimed my fleet guides for 77-85, and I don't see the Y10 listed for
CAAC. Does anyone have any reference books containing the story of this