Re: Did the Chinese ever attempt to copy the 707?

From: (Kuang-Chung Chao)
Organization: UB
Date:         11 Sep 95 21:27:29 
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In article <airliners.1995.1428@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Steven Grunblatt  <> wrote:
>I recall reading somewhere that in the 1970s the Chinese government
>purchased 2 Boeing 707s. After delivery,Boeing lost track of the
>aircraft's whereabouts. It was speculated that the aircraft were
>dismantled, and unsuccessfully copied.

AFAIK, there was an attempt by the Chinese to built a large ( by
their standard ) jet transport modeled from 707. It was named
Y-10 ( Y is the first letter of transport in romanized Chinese ).
The prototype was said to be a disappointment. It can barely
take off under its empty weight. Chinese did not have good enough engine
at the time, neither now. The project was scrapped after 2 prototypes
were built. The company responsible for it was Shanghai Aircraft,
the one that builds MD-80s under license. I think one of the prototypes
is in the aviation museum in Beijing or somewhere else. AW&ST and
Jane's has reports about it in late 80s or so.

These are residues of long-term memory, don't flame me if I'm wrong. ;)

hope this helps.

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