Re: Did the Chinese ever attempt to copy the 707?

From: (Mihir Pramod Shah)
Organization: Washington University, St. Louis MO
Date:         11 Sep 95 21:27:28 
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In article <airliners.1995.1428@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Steven Grunblatt  <> wrote:
>I recall reading somewhere that in the 1970s the Chinese government
>purchased 2 Boeing 707s. After delivery,Boeing lost track of the
>aircraft's whereabouts. It was speculated that the aircraft were
>dismantled, and unsuccessfully copied.

Well, according to the "Chronicle of Aviation", a 980+ page book on the history
of commerical, general, and military flight, the Chinese did build their first
jetliner in 1980.  It was a narrow-body 4-engines-under-the-wing airplane that
looked VERY MUCH like a 707.  Here's the caption under the picture of the plane:

"Similar in appearance to the Boeing 707, the Shanghai Y-10 was China's first
indigenous get airliner, but the design was an anachronism in 1950's style."

Now, whether this design was based on the dismantled 707's, I don't know for
sure, but it obviously wouldn't surprise me after looking at the picture and


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