Re: Dutch Roll

From:         Pete Mellor <>
Date:         11 Sep 95 21:27:28 
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Andrew Goldfinger <> asks:-

> What I don't know is why it is called "Dutch" roll.  Does anyone know the
> origin of the term?

Everything nasty is called "Dutch" (with the exception of my friends **
from The Netherlands, all of whom are delightful! :-)

I think it goes back to the 18th Century when England was at war with
Holland and a few boatloads of Dutch uncles (probably full of Dutch
courage) sailed up the Thames and wrecked the English fleet at anchor.

(I hope this message is acceptable on the net. I don't want Karl wagging
the Dutch finger at me! :-)

Pete Mellor

** PS: On second thoughts, I would certainly describe my friend Patrice
   as a "Dutch treat"! :-)