Re: B737 on gravel Runway

From: (Steven G. Thomson)
Organization: -=MO.NET=- P-Net, Inc's Missouri Operations
Date:         10 Sep 95 13:26:31 
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>>Canadian Airlines offers B737 service to small villages in Northern
>>Canada and it seems they use dedicated aircrafts for these routes.
>>There is some sort of fender over the nose wheel and the engine intakes
>>look different. I was told that it might be to prevent damage to the engine
>>from the gravel runway bouncing at take off and landing.

Those 737-200's were from Nordair, before the merge. They also had an
external wire HF antenna that ran from the vertical fin to the forward
fuselage. Most of them were also, operated in a combi configuration,
and were equipped with a cargo door. I have some excellent photos I
took in Toronto of them.