Re: Aircraft Maneuvers

From: (Steven G. Thomson)
Organization: -=MO.NET=- P-Net, Inc's Missouri Operations
Date:         10 Sep 95 13:26:31 
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Don Stokes <> wrote:
>A good TV documentary on aircraft matters (whos name escapes me right now)
>had a Concorde pilot describe Concorde being barrel-rolled; a pilot friend
>of mine once related an anecdote about pilots in NZ doing aerobatics in
>737s on positioning flights.

I believe the documentary was the excellent multi-part series by
TBS/BBC, called "Reaching for the Skies". A former Captain co-worker
of mine, used to enjoy making loose items in the cockpit "float"
during positioning flights in his ATR. A mutual friend, who was a
dispatcher with our company, at the time, was also attempting
weightlessness in the cabin, during some of these trips! He was a
suberb, natural pilot, but I think he really wanted to fly F18's!