VW rolling ramp - clever idea

From:         rickydik@ix.netcom.com (Ralph Ricks )
Organization: Netcom
Date:         10 Sep 95 13:26:30 
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Aero California, based in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico, has
developed a unique ramp vehicle for maintenance of their DC-9 jets.

They took the body off of a VW beetle and built a "rolling ramp" using
the pan and running gear.  It has a six foot square platform over the
center of the car, which is six foot high.  It also has a five foot
square platform over the rear, which is removable for access to the
engine, etc.  There is another smaller platform in the front.  Even the
front fenders are flat, making nice steps.  The latest mod is a
windshield for those nasty days in paradise.  There are two seats in
the middle, of course.

This is the greatest ramp vehicle I have ever seen.  A mech can haul
parts to the plane, and then use the hauler as access to high places,
instead of a regular van and a ladder.

Since VW beetles are still made in Mexico, repair parts will always be
available.  They have built several of these 'Rampas', improving a
little with each one.

An enterprising person could do quite well commercially with these
things, I believe.  Of course, an OSHA version would have guard rails,
safety belts, etc.

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