Re: auto-throttle usage

From: (Paul Daniel)
Organization: Prologic Pty Ltd
Date:         10 Sep 95 13:26:29 
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Airam J Preto <> wrote:

>Which is the standard procedure during:

> - Take-off (auto-throttle engaged?)
> - Altitude and speed transitions (auto-throttle + autopilot?);
> - Approach and landing (autopilot and then auto-landing?).

This is probably a dumb question from someone who's fascinated by big
jets but isn't lucky enough to fly.

I realise the role of an A/P is to maintain constant height and
heading based on settings made by the flight crew or FMS.

But what is the role of the A/T? What targets does it try to achieve?
When are these set up? For each flight or are there some sort of
standard settings? Obviously the throttle settings are going to be
different for climb, cruise, descent, etc. How does the A/T work out
the current situation?