Re: Are "jets" really jets?

From:         lookout! (Martin Sagara)
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Date:         08 Sep 95 02:35:35 
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Daniel P. B. Smith ( wrote:
: Is a modern-day "jet" really a jet at all, or is it just a kind of turboprop
: where the propellor has lots of little blades and is concealed within
: a cowling?


This is an interesting question and I would answer by saying no, high-bypass
turbofans are NOT a species of turboprop.

My reasoning is that the rotational motion of the tubine shaft of a turboprop
turns a reduction gear to reduce the rotational speed of the propeller.
The compressor blades of the turbofan do not have this feature, they are
turning at the same speed as the spool that they are mounted to.

I'm no expert, just my opinion.
Martin Sagara
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