Re: hammocks on airliners

From: (William Joseph Solomon)
Organization: University of Tasmania, Australia.
Date:         08 Sep 95 02:35:34 
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Theodore Sternberg <> writes:

>Would it be practical to provide passengers hammocks, hung somehow from
>the ceiling, to sleep in on long trips?  Unlike beds, hammocks wouldn't
>displace seats and would therefore not have to be a terribly expensive

I was thinking along these lines last time I spent about 14 hours over
the Pacific.  It sure would me nice to have the cabin arranged so that
there was enough room to lay down with a straight back. Perhaps they
could stack you in like some of those modern ecconomy Japanese hotels
you occasionally see on TV where everone crawls into a horizontal box
about 3 ft x 3 ft x 8 ft.  There seems to be a lot of waste space
between heads and overhead lockers which is only used when people stand

Bill Solomon,
Civil&Mechanical Engineering Dept.
University of Tasmania, Australia