Re: hammocks on airliners

From: (Keith Brown)
Organization: Prodigy Services Company  1-800-PRODIGY
Date:         08 Sep 95 02:35:33 
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I, of course, agree that hammocks on commercial aircraft are certainly
impractical for a variety of reasons. I have to tell you though, that
from personal experience, if you have to sleep on an airplane, a hammock
is the way to go!

When I was an Air Force crewmember on C130's many years ago, I and some
of my peers used to carry around a little "fishnet" hammock that we
bought at a sporting goods store. When compacted correctly, it would fit
into a space about 3-4 cubic inches. It came with two steel rings on each
end and was the perfect length to extend accross the cargo compartment
and hook onto two opposite litter stanchions. On long overwater flights
and such, when there was room to stretch out, it was heaven! The hammock
would swing with all but the most jarring turbulence and there was no
vibration. If it weren't for all the noise around, one might think he was
underneath the shade trees in his back yard.