Re: Climb rates for airliners

From: (Keith Brown)
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Date:         07 Sep 95 02:49:28 
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I'm certainly not an expert, but I'm sure there are no "standard" rates
of climb
that would be used as there are too many variables involved. Certainly,
airlines use performance profiles, some programmed into flight directors,
and some only provided the pilot at dispatch, but what the pilot actually
flies depends on his mood, aircraft weight and performance as well as
more obscure factors as passenger comfort (how well does the
pressurization system keep up or lag behind, as the case may be).

I work as an en-route (center) air traffic controller and I will see same
type of aircraft from same company fly vastly different climb speeds and
rates of climb. An average for older aircraft (B727, DC9, etc.) would
probably be 1000 fpm and newer aircraft (B737-300(400,500), B757, etc)
would probably be
around 2000 fpm. Those are initial climb rates. Cruise climbs would be
more likely to take passenger comfort and safety into consideration, 500
fpm or less.

I am trying to program an air traffic simulator for training scenarios
and I have  randomized these somewhat within the performance specs of the
individual aircraft.

Hope this helps a little.