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Date:         07 Sep 95 02:49:28 
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Theodore Sternberg <> shaped the electrons to say:
>Would it be practical to provide passengers hammocks, hung somehow from
>the ceiling, to sleep in on long trips?  Unlike beds, hammocks wouldn't

1. No headroom already, there is no room for a hammock over the seats.
2. No regulatory body would ever permit it, a hammock is nonrigid, there
is no effective way to strap someone in.  If something unexpected happens
people will be hurt.  In a crash they would be in the way and hinder
escapes.  Let alone people falling out.
3. How many people do you know who are willing to climb into a hammock
in front of everyone else and go to sleep?
4. There certainly isn't enough room for on hammock per passenger, who
decides who gets one?

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