Re: Fate of civil VC10s

From: (Ralph Lorenz)
Organization: University of Arizona, CCIT
Date:         06 Feb 95 02:45:21 
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Colin Povey ( wrote:
: <> writes:
: >The last civil VC10s flew in the early '80s. Were they all bought by the 
: >RAF to become tankers or military transports or did some end up elsewhere? 
: The RAF did buy up many of them to convert to tankers.
: I believe the Queens Flight still uses VC10's as well.
: I did a transatlantic on one, and liked the plane a lot.  Very quiet.

I had a flight in one Brize Norton-Dulles. Was really rather fun,
differing somewhat from regular airline service, like

1. full of military personnel and diplomats, etc.
2. orange squash (as opposed to Gin and Tonics, or even Orange Juice)
served on board
3. little paper printout map passed around cabin (as opposed to big
real-time colour screen at front of cabin)
and most of all
4. front of cabin wasn't. Specifically, the seats face backwards for 
improved crash survival. Felt wierd on takoeff/landing, and slightly
disorientating when boarding, but no big deal. If commercial airlines
were to seat this way, it wouldn't be a problem for me.

How do others feel about this

Ralph Lorenz
Lunar and Planetary Lab
University of Arizona