Re: Cross Winds

From: (Eric Olesen)
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Date:         06 Sep 95 01:04:12 
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Harold E Gilreath RCP x5125 ( wrote:
: Several days ago, my USAir flight from Bermuda was cancelled due to
: "dangerous cross winds" at the airport caused by Hurricane Felix. Delta
: and American also cancelled all of their flights. Interestingly, neither
: Kiwi nor Continental flights were cancelled. Granting that the pilots are
: not foolhearty, why the difference in operating rules? The airlines that
: cancelled flights use 757's and 767's, I believe. Don't know the
: equipment used by the other two.

Last I knew, both KP and CO were operating 727-200s in and out of BDA,
and CO was also operating the 757. It could have to do with the ETOPS
rating on the 757, but I can't image how CO would operate where AA
and DL didn't if this was really the case.

The max crosswind allowable in our flight manual is 30 kts for both the
757 and 727. Each carrier has its own limits. I doubt that the KP or CO
pilots were any more daring, but it is possible that their manual allows a
higher crosswind. That isn't to imply that they are less safe, but perhaps
AA and DL were just a bit more cautious...