Re: Cross Winds

From: (Ralf Philipp)
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Date:         06 Sep 95 01:04:12 
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>and American also cancelled all of their flights. Interestingly, neither
>Kiwi nor Continental flights were cancelled. Granting that the pilots are
>not foolhearty, why the difference in operating rules? The airlines that
>cancelled flights use 757's and 767's, I believe. Don't know the
>equipment used by the other two.

I don't know why some canceled and others didn't, but I do know that Kiwi uses
mostly (if not exclusively) B727s, if that helps anyone. I would guess that
Kiwi's flights weren't cancelled because their airline is newer and smaller,
thus less likely to have an internal beurocracy to set rules and more likely
to let pilots decide for themselves (as it's employee owned.) I dunno about
Continental, though.


Ralf Philipp
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