Repair & Overhaul

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Date:         06 Sep 95 01:04:11 
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I would like to request information from anyone involved in the repair and
overhaul (R&O) business for a research paper I am compiling.  While I am
specifically interested in the aerospace industry, I am also looking for
ideas from businesses overhauling other products such as automobiles,
cellular phones, hospital beds, and office furniture.

I am extremely interested in hearing from both the providers of R&O
services as well as the buyers.  My main focus of this research is trying
to increase the ability of R&O service providers to quickly and accurately
respond to the needs of their customers.

If you have any experience with Repair & Overhaul, your response to the
following questions would be greatly appreciated:

1.   I am trying to understand the order qualifying and order winning
criteria of the R&O business.  For instance, "What is the most important
criteria for your business:  due date compliance, turn-around time,
quality, cost, etc.?"  I would also like to know the scale and scope of
your business so that I can determine the correlation between order
qualifying/winning criteria and business size.

2.  Next, I would be interested in understanding any up front diagnostics
that take place in evaluating the product either at the end user site or
when it first arrives at the R&O facility.  Who determines if the
part/product is expendable?  How is this process carried out?  Is it
automated?  How?

3.  Does a process exist where information is transmitted from the
customer to the R&O facility that enables the selection of parts and
materials necessary to support the repair?  How is this done?  Is there a
cost threshold where someone needs to determine if the product should be
expended?  Who makes this decision:  customer or repair facility?

4.  Is there any process where preventive maintenance information is fed
to the R&O facility?

5.  What are the current trends in your industry in terms of adding value?

6.   Who is managing the assets:  customer or repair facility?

7.  How are the repair facilities setting themselves up to have the
minimum stock to support the contract and business?  What types of
inventory and order methods exist in the field?

8.  How are final tests conducted?  Is the process highly manual or is
there an automated procedure in place?

9.  How is performance being measured both internally and externally?  On
the basis of these measures of performance, what level do you expect?

10.  For your specific business:
	Are you a customer or R&O?:
	Products R&O'd:
	Annual sales:
	Number of employees:
	Level of turnaround time in days:
	Do you use rotables?
	Do you use pool parts?

Thank you very much for your time and help.