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>I recently read that USAFRICA is to resume service from Newark
>to South Africa using McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30's.  Is non-stop
>service possible on this journey with a -10?

A specifications table in AW&ST several years ago listed the following
still-air ranges, in miles, for all the commercial DC-10 variants and

    DC-10-10	4,123
    DC-10-15	4,422
    DC-10-30	6,357
    DC-10-40	5,988
    MD-11	7,980

JFK-JNB (I don't have numbers for EWR handy) is about 7,960 miles, so
it's a sure bet they'll need a fuel stop, with a couple of likely
possibilities including Cape Verde and Senegal.

For the return, I'm surprised even the MD-11 could do it non-stop as
IAD isn't much closer and JNB is a "hot and high" airport, somewhere
around 7,000' elevation as I recall.  (I don't think they were flying
to/from Cape Town.)

>Does anyone know why they aren't using MD-11's again?

American's MD-11s probably aren't available any longer due to the
FedEx deal.  The DC-10-30s are probably a lot cheaper since they are
older, too, certainly an appealing attribute for a startup.  If the
MD-11s had to make a fuel stop anyway, their range advantage would
not be of any added value in this application.

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