Re: A positive aspect of the DC-10?

From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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Date:         06 Feb 95 02:45:21 
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Robert Ashcroft wrote:
>I'd like to hear more about this aspect of the DC-10.

Several of the comments in the original article just don't make sense,
though maybe there is something to the story.

Lourdes Alvarez wrote:
>Don't be of the positive features of the DC-10 is its
>ability to lift off with less runway than necessary.

Is this some new definition of "necessary?"  Ignoring engine-out
and rejected takeoff considerations, it seems to me that the amount
of runway that's necessary is the amount needed to get off the
ground.  It doesn't make any sense to say that any aircraft can get
off the ground with less runway than it needs to get off the ground!

>P.S. St. Thomas, V.A. has a much shorter runway and they used to take
>707s as well has DC10s and L1011s (still do)

Sure, but from St. Thomas you're probably talking (relatively) short
flights in such planes, to cities on the east coast of the US or the
like.  Maui to San Francisco is a *long* flight, which means more
fuel, which means more weight, which means a longer runway is needed.