Aircraft Maneuvers

From: (Dennis Roesler)
Organization: Hewlett Packard
Date:         05 Sep 95 02:00:01 
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I was on a flight from ORD-EWR (Newark) on a 727 when
there was suddenly a large wind noise and a sudden descent.
The descent was very flat and controlled and it occurred to
me the noise was apparently from the deployment of speed
brakes.  It seemed that the pilot needed to keep altitude
for as long as possible (to avoid weather/turbulence?) but
then needed to lose altitude quickly as we got close to

Several months later, talking to a pilot that flies 727s I
described what happened and he said that a 727 is considered
a "pilots airplane" and was capable of just about anything
that ATC asked them to do.

On a related note, sometime ago (years) I read that the then
chief pilot for TWA put a 707 through a roll during a test
flight.  Is/was a 707 capable of this?

It would be interesting to hear comments from those that fly
commercial jets on the relative merits of different aircraft
and their capabilities, what pilots like and don't like
about various aircraft, etc.