ATC reception

From: (Eric Rood)
Organization: The Greater Columbus FreeNet
Date:         05 Sep 95 02:00:00 
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  In the past I have taken along my ICOM A2 and held it up to the window
and listening with the headset.  I usually asked the flightcrew upon
boarding what the departure frequency would be.  They would ask why I
wanted to know and I'd tell them I wanted to listen on my handheld.  No
problem.  Recently, however, on a trip CMH/ATL and ATL/SJU, the flightcrew
requested that I not use my radio.  I didn't press the issue.

  Most interesting conversation overheard enroute DFW/CMH...

 "[Military callsign] cleared celestial navigation, cancel IFR passing
  through FL600."

Regards, Eric.
Eric Rood
"Why let rank lead, when ability can do it better?"
 (Cmndr Randy "Duke" Cunningham, USN)