Re: B737 on gravel Runway

From: (Ralph Ricks )
Organization: Netcom
Date:         05 Sep 95 01:59:59 
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In <airliners.1995.1337@ohare.Chicago.COM>
(Stephane Desjardins) writes:

>Canadian Airlines offers B737 service to small villages in Northern
>Canada and it seems they use dedicated aircrafts for these routes.
>There is some sort of fender over the nose wheel and the engine intakes
>look different. I was told that it might be to prevent damage to the
>engine from the gravel runway bouncing at take off and landing.

>Can anyone give me more information on those modified aircrafts? Is
>that a special kit made by Boeing? How much does it cost to equip a B737
>like this? How many B737 are equiped? Any other types of aircraft?

Markair flew some in Alaska until they went titsup.  As I remember, I was
told the gravel mods cost about half a million bucks.  You are right:  a
deflector aroud the nose gear that comes up near flush with gear up, and
engine intake mods.

They flew those planes all day with pax, then pulled out the seats and
flew all night with freight.