Re: ATR Falls on Tail (almost) (Was Prop Brake)

From: (Kevin M. Wilder)
Organization: University of British Columbia, Canada
Date:         05 Sep 95 01:59:59 
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NADIR ( wrote:

: Haven't seen that problem with the ATR's I worked on, but I did see a
: picture of a cargo DC-10 sitting on its tail.  The nose gear was at
: least 15 feet in the air-would have loved to hear the loaders
: explaining that!!

"Tail sitting", as I have heard this problem called, is apperently quite
a serious concern.  One airline (that will remain unnamed) that regularly
flies a 747-400 into YVR uses a "Pogo stick" while loading and
unloading.  It is interesting to note that no other airlines that
operate this same aircraft type out of here use Pogo sticks.  I wonder
if this airline has ever had a problem with their 747's tail sitting...



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