Experiencing a new airliner in virtual space

From:         cyberoid@u.washington.edu (Robert Jacobson)
Organization: Worldesign Inc., Seattle
Date:         05 Sep 95 01:59:58 
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Although it has gotten far less press attention than, say, the
interior design "previewer" at Boeing, a virtual worlds-based system
devised by the French firm, Virtools, merits your attention.  Shown at
SIGGRAPH, the Virtools display of a forthcoming Airbus airliner -- a
plane that has not yet been built -- is extremely impressive.  This
model runs on (I believe) an Intergraph Pentium workstation and
employs Sense8's WorldToolKit for worldbuilding.  I believe there is a
Virtools Web site, but if not, here is a person to contact:

	M. Bertrand DUPLAT
	Associate Director
	1,rue de Beauvais
	F060300 Senlis, FRANCE

	33-1-45 79 94 77 voice
	33-1-48 63 21 28 fax

	Email: virtools@worldnet.net

Bob Jacobson
Worldesign Inc.