Re: auto-throttle usage

From:         Tony Blades <>
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Date:         05 Sep 95 01:59:57 
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Airam J Preto <> asked on the subject of: auto-throttle usage

> Which is the standard procedure during:
>  - Take-off (auto-throttle engaged?)
>  - Altitude and speed transitions (auto-throttle + autopilot?);
>  - Approach and landing (autopilot and then auto-landing?).

I fly B737-300, 400 and 500s all of which are fitted with auto-throttle.
The auto throttle is engaged prior to T/O and remains engaged thoughout
the flight and is only disengaged during the final stages of the approach
if a manually flown landing is to be carried out.  If an autoland is
carried out then the autothrottle disengages automatically 2 seconds after

I believe that the system and procedures followed on the B757/767 is
exactly the same as the aircraft I fly.

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