Re: Climb rates for airliners

From:         Tony Blades <>
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Date:         05 Sep 95 01:59:57 
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In article: <airliners.1995.1340@ohare.Chicago.COM>  wangermn@tucson.Princeton.EDU (John P.
Wangermann) writes:

> Can someone tell me what the standard climb rates are that airlines use
> for jet aircraft, say B767 or B747.  For example, what are the climb
> rates for
> initial climb
> climb to cruise altitude
> en-route altitude changes (e.g., FL270 to FL290)
> descent

There are no standard climb rates for any aircraft. However when given a
level change by ATC, that change of level must be carried out at a minimum
of 500 ft/min.

During all other phases of flight, the rates of climb are dependant on
aircraft weight, power setting used and ambient conditions. An enroute
step climb of say 4000' is likely to be carried out at 1000 ft/min.

During descent, we don't have any rates of climb, only rates of descent.
:)  Normal descent is made power off, and again the rate of descent is
dependant upon aircraft weight, ambient conditions and engine power if
anything other that idle power is used.

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