Re: ATR Falls on Tail (almost) (Was Prop Brake)

From: (Commutrdog)
Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)
Date:         03 Sep 95 23:01:49 
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I am not aware of any incidents where ATRs have done any tailstands.  Our
airline flies the Shorts 360 and the Saab 340b as well as the ATR.  The
ATR fleet is the only type which does not carry a "pogo stick" to put
under the tail to prevent such an occurance.

One scenario which could lead to the situation you describe would be (in
my opinion) if the airplane were empty, and the ground crew began loading
bags in the aft cargo area.  If they were to fill the aft cargo to its max
capacity, and the forward area (cockpit and fwd cargo) was empty, a tail
heavy situation MIGHT be the result. Again, I have never seen this even
come close to happening, but I have wondered if it could be done.