Re: ATR Falls on Tail (almost) (Was Prop Brake)

From: (NADIR)
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Date:         03 Sep 95 23:01:49 
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>  While we were standing in line to board at the rear stairs, we observed
>  the nose gear lift off the ground about two feet!  I was convinced the
>  tail-cone was going to hit the ramp.  A quick thinking baggage handler
>  jumped up into the cargo area (fwd, near cockpit), and the nose
>  lowered.


>  Are you ATR pilots familiar with this happening??

Haven't seen that problem with the ATR's I worked on, but I did see a
picture of a cargo DC-10 sitting on its tail.  The nose gear was at
least 15 feet in the air-would have loved to hear the loaders
explaining that!! Going back to the ATRs-the ones we operated were
loaded using the forward baggage area first, so it would be unlikely
that any of our aircraft did a tail stand.  I do know some airlines
load the rear baggage area first, and this, combined with some other
factor may cause the nose to rise.