Re: British Airways pilot sponsership scheme

From:         Vance F Burton <>
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Date:         06 Feb 95 02:45:20 
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In article <airliners.1995.122@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
 ("P.J. Bunyon") wrote:

> 	I realise that this probably isn't the best list to post this to
> but it's only short, and I know that there are many people in the UK who
> subscribe. Basically, does anyone (working for BA or not) know the current
> situation of BA's policy on pilot sponsership. I've written, 'phoned on
> many occasions and the answer has always been 'well, we're not recruiting
> at the moment'. I've been contacting them from time to time now for nearly
> 5 years but the reply is always the same..... I realise that commercial
> pilot positions have been difficult to come by because of the recession
> etc... but would appreciate any information on the subject.

Sorry, Pete...

That's exactly the current situation.  We're not recruiting and
haven't been for a few years.

We still have about 50 (I think) ex-Prestwick cadets waiting for a job
but once they've been found seats, we'll start the scheme again.  Best
guess...  sometime in 1996...  but that IS a guess and I'm only a

Best advice is just keep on applying.
Good luck.

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