exit door latch

From:         Ken Shainker <msmopr01.kshain01@eds.com>
Organization: EDS - Operating Services - Software Configuration Management
Date:         03 Sep 95 22:53:05 
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This past week I was flying on an unnamed airline in a 727-200.  I was
sitting in an exit row and noticed before takeoff that the emergency exit
door latch was partially open.  I told the flight attendent and she
pushed it closed and didn't seem to worried about it.  Should she have
been worried about it? (I know it concerned me!)  Also, what keeps some
unstable person on an exit row from pulling it open because they want
some fresh air?  Do these doors lock when the pilot announces something
like 'check doors and cross check'?

Ken Shainker
Plano Texas
(214) 604-6963