Re: Boeing 737 crash

From:         Mark Radovich <>
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Date:         06 Feb 95 02:45:20 
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  or MIME structure (Ian Urquhart) wrote:
 >Please excuse my ignorance but what is QNH and QFE?  I hold a US 
 >commercial certificate and instrument rating and have not come across 
 >these terms.  There is only one altimeter setting and that's it. 
 >Simple.  Do Canadian pilots deal with this QNH and QFE business? 

Ummm.... try three alitmeter settings in current usage:

1.  QNH   The atmospheric pressure corresponding to mean sea level pressure at
a particular place. Used by most aircraft operating below the transition layer.

2.  QFE   The atmospheric pressure at the level of an aerodrome reference
point.  It will read zero feet if the aircraft is on the ground.  Used mostly
by gliders. 

3.  QNE   QNE is the Q-code abbreviation for the reading on the altimeter when
the subscale is set to the standard pressure of 1013.2 hpa or 29.92in.  Used by
all aircraft when flying above the transition layer.

Surely you cover such subjects whilst doing your US CPL??

Mark Radovich
Wattle Lake Air Services