Re: thoughts on the A330

From: (Jean-Francois Mezei)
Organization: DECUServe
Date:         03 Sep 95 20:45:39 
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> When you consider the nationalized airlines, or airlines in less-developed
> countries, political considerations clearly *do* enter into it.  Just look
> at the hell BA caught when it selected GE engines, rather than Rolls-Royce,
> never mind choosing a 777 over the A330.  Do you really think Boeing would
> have the same opportunities in, say, Iran, Iraq, and Libya--clearly major
> future export markets--as Airbus would?

Do not forget that Boeing has now also learned about international "I'll
rub your back if you rub my back". While the 777 may have the USA flag
stamped with pride all over it, you should open its hood and look at all
the counties that have participated in its development.

I am sure that readers here are much more knowledgeable than I am and
therefore know that list of countries by heart and know why, for instance,
Brazil or Italy participated in the construction of some components for
the 777.

Like it or not, politics are part of "good business" today. the USA
industries refused to admit this until they woke up and saw that Airbus
had suddently captured a fair size of the market.

You'll notice that with the 777, Boeing finally stopped protecting itself
by crying foul over what they see as direct subsidies to Airbus and finally
started to compete against Airbus on features (our FBW is better than
yours etc)